Alphanumeric Series

When Jay Z released his 14th studio album, 4:44, it birthed this series as I was inspired to create portraits of the artist using the unique play of numbers, 444, and his song titles in one of the portraits.

That album was a reminder that people are not just faces. There is a story behind each person, and I want to create their portraits using the unseen stories. What I plan with this series is to make art with words, literally.

The Habiba da Silva Portrait, second in the series, was in celebration of her birthday on the 3rd of July, hence, the numeric 3.

With the Rayo portraits, I worked with the subject to use words that were descriptive of her. In the portraits, you see glimpses of her past, what makes her, and her future.

I introduced motion in the works to bring the portraits to life and further explore the potential in this portrait series.


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