Life Long Percussion: Angels and Muse

On the 27th of January was the official opening of Angels and Muse. Angels and Muse is a creative hub for nurturing and empowering artistic talent. The space offers itself as a support system for expression, productivity and education for the best creative hands and minds in Nigeria and around the world.

In line with their vision, I debuted an exhibition of structural pieces.

The sculptures are a manifestation of translating my idea of line drawings into multiple dimension sculptures.

Lines are the building blocks that provide a visual story and the basic essence of art. I wanted to tell a story of dance and the body by using lines to create minimalistic expressions depicting body movements in respect to dance that can be transfigured.
The installation aims to observe the connection between femininity and celebration. The average woman prevails over struggles while displaying qualities of strength and grace associated with feminine qualities. These works celebrate the beauty of surmounting unique obstacles and embracing the exhilarating.
Each sculpture is a manifestation of a true view of a moment caught in time and can be viewed from either sides of the plane, or, resting in front of a plain surface/wall.
My art focuses on the life moments and the stories behind them.

Here are the pieces in installation.

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