Impart Art Fair

Group Show 24th October, 2020

Presence and Presencing.

Perceptions of femininity are a broad socially constructed idea
where, due to a range of reasons, women are often expected to
present themselves in certain ways. From the immense
pressure to conform to stereotypical beauty standards, to social
expectations of performative femininity, the message that a
woman’s worth is tied to the external is constantly reinforced.
In these portraits, I live vicariously through the idea of certain
demeanours that I can’t present in public as they do not align
with ideas of modesty I subscribe to.
I approach my self form, looking to shift awareness between the
interior and the exterior and from the future, into now. I wonder
how ones personality, society or religion are factors that limit
self expression.
This body of work is an attempt to reclaim the narratives that
shape my present.

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