Digital Art for NFTs (Portfolio)

My NFTs are a collection of alphanumeric portraits where I use letters and numbers to create stories of characters captured in a moment.

I’m a self taught multidisciplinary artist with an MSc from Coventry University. My work typically explores issues related to identity, culture and representation in society, with personal experiences and observations serving as a focal point.

The digital artworks below speak to the story thats being told. From BECOMING that is showing a few blobs coming together to become a final form. They are all final media that makes up multiple frames.

And the pixelated frames that become clearer to create the final form; which speaks to how social
media can be overwhelming most times but at the end of the day, they’re just pixels. The distortion is how the platform(s) can present themselves and have a strong hold that can evoke emotions, both positive and negative. But then, these platforms birth amazing things from activism, community and friendship. 🙂 

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